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Custom Coffee Parts Made in WA. Est. 2013

Individually handmade parts

Hand Turned, Shaped & Polished

We are one of the only coffee part makers in the world who still work using traditional hand made methods. Each coffee part is hand turned individually in small batches at our Northcliffe workshop in Western Australia. The sanding, finishing and assemblies are also all performed by hand.

Leon Wilcox Handmade Coffee Parts
Polishing a handmade Portafilter Handle
Natural Timbers

Native Australian Hardwood's

Our workshop is surrounded by the Southern Forests in Western Australia. As such, we have access to a wide variety of aged and reclaimed native timbers. We only select naturally figured hardwoods and do not use any type of staining. We also import premium Black Walnut and American White Oak. Examples of our Designs & Hardwood’s can be viewed here.

100% Australian Made

Stainless Steel Accents

All of our metal accents are made using 316 stainless steel which has a high strength and corrosion resistance perfect for the coffee brewing environment. Each metal and brass component is machined in-house or locally in Perth to ensure each coffee part is 100% Australian made.

Tasmanian Blackwood handmade ECM Coffee Parts
Handmade in WA

100% Australian Made

Made to Measure

Customized coffee parts

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Lifetime guarantee on all parts

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